Sustainable, Made from Cricket Protein, But would you drink it?

Live Longer April 26, 2017

Cricket Protein Juice

Another Insect start-up? Maybe, but Danish firm Jnsekt KBH’s apple, ginger and cricket Juice Is different: it’s sustainable not only thanks to Its ingredients but because it’s produced In Copenhagen’s self-sustaining urban food loop. Co-founded by molecular biologist Jakob Lewin Rukov and business developer Philip

Price, the start-up’s circular economy came about when Price and Rukov were approached by Bioark, a Copenhagen-based company that works with local restaurants and small food companies to develop self-sustain ing food loops that combine bio-inspired technologies with local nutrient streams

Bioark helped lnsekt KBH operate in a sustainable food loop that involves coffee, mushrooms, tomatoes and crickets (see image). Lewin Rukov is also the founder of Bugging Denmark an urban cricket farm where the insects are fed partly on mycelia substrate provided by Beyond Coffee, a firm that collects used coffee grinds to grow oyster mushrooms, and partly on apple pulp leftover from lnsekt KBH own apple juice production. . . . . READ MORE