Organic, Grain & Dairy Free

Gain & Dairy Free Cricket Flour

Live Longer Organic 100% Cricket Flour is grain & dairy free and complies with the Canadian* gluten standards which are 20 parts gluten to a million. All gluten tests performed on Live Longer Cricket flour register under 20 parts per million. 

* Only New Zealand and Australian gluten regulation demand that all gluten free products must register under 3 parts gluten to a million. For the rest of world including Canada it is 20 parts gluten to a million.

Why organic Cricket Flour?

Not only does it taste better, it’s better for you. When fruit and vegetables are grown organically in clean, fertile soils and grown with natural growing cycles in mind, meaning that they naturally ripen with their true flavour coming to the fore as it’s not masked by artificial technologies and chemicals that speed their growth rate and change their natural appearance. Organically grown produce gives you the true goodness and flavour without any enhancements from chemicals or genetic modification.

Organically grown produce treats our ever-so-precious environment in a manner that will enable our earth to Live Longer.

Being organic

To give you the customer assurance that our Live Longer organic products are actually organic, recognised independent industry bodies issue our organic certification. In doing so they make sure that Live Longer products are first and foremost organic and meet food safety regulations, are integrity sourced and all of our product claims are valid.

Live Longer makes sure that all of our products and product ingredients are sourced from organic farms, manufacturers and food companies that are certified by world leading organic standards. Such as ‘BioGro New Zealand’ and ‘Canadian Organic Growers Cultivons Biologique Canada’

In New Zealand Live Longer is organically certified by BioGro and on every Live Longer product you will find our BioGro certification number (#5599). This is your assurance that Live Longer products have been certified organic in accordance to the New Zealand governmental regulations.

GE statement

The phrase ‘Genetically Engineered’ or ‘Genetically Modified’ refers to animals or plants that have been tampered with, or created in a laboratory using techniques that have negative and potentially serious side effects. Genetic engineering of our food is developed mainly as a method to alter the genes in plants that will survive toxic sprays, or produce their own pesticide, or inserting the genes of frogs into tomatoes to make them appear more red (yes, you read that correctly!). Live Longer does not want to let this become the future of our food.

Our Policy:

Because of the prospect of cross-pollination of genetically modified crops with organic plants, we can not promise for certain that all of our products are GE free. The possibility of finding traces of genetically engineered material in our foods is minute, however we believe that the best way to avoid GE free foods is to support certified organic produce.