Live Longer Story

Our reason

‘Protein’ and ‘Sustainability’, two words that rarely go together. But with the world population estimated to be around 9 billion by 2050 it’s clear that we need to do something about putting Sustainability in front of Protein.

Equipped with this reason, Live Longer has embarked on a journey of discovery, which links ‘Eating Well’ with ‘Living Longer’. Not just for us, but our beautiful planet too. Eating sustainable protein has to be our future.

Christopher Wilson – Managing/Creative Director
Emily Vriens – Product Development/ Operations


A high protein recipe floated across our Facebook feed with a mysterious ingredient, ‘Cricket Flour’. What? Cricket Flour? Surely not?

Our pantry quickly became flooded with Cricket Flour samples from different corners of the world, After a couple of quick experiments we embarked on torturing dinner guests with this newly found protein filled ingredient. One certainly didn’t need a PhD in psychology to understand that reactions would run high once they discovered their meals contained insects in one form or another. Some didn’t believe us; others found interest and some quietly whispered ‘WOW’. Needless to say the table conversations climbed to a whole new level.

Here we are

Live Longer – Eat well was founded in October 2015 with the sole focus of developing foods that are organic, gluten free and derive their protein from ecologically sustainable sources.

At Live Longer we aren’t stuck on Organic Cricket Flour as the primary source of sustainable protein, but with up to 68% protein it’s a good start and we source ours from the world leading cricket farm, Entomo Farms in Canada.

Experimenting with food is important to us at Live Longer and we encourage you to do so as well. Check out our recipe page, discover what you can make with Live Longer Organic Cricket Flour. You will be surprised at just how little cricket flour adds so much protein in simple-to-make, everyday recipes.