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Automated Cricket Protein

This giant automated cricket farm is designed to make bugs a mainstream source if protein

Inside a new building in an industrial neighborhood near the airport in Austin, a robot is feeding millions of crickets, 24 hours a day. The facility–a 25,000-square-foot R&D center...

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Live Longer Coffee Flower

What is Coffee Flour

…An agricultural innovation with the potential to do some really great things for the world. And we don’t just mean the food world. Each year the billions of coffee beans that eventually...

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Cricket Protein Juice

Sustainable, Made from Cricket Protein, But would you drink it?

Another Insect start-up? Maybe, but Danish firm Jnsekt KBH's apple, ginger and cricket Juice Is different: it's sustainable not only thanks to Its ingredients but because it's produced In...

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Move over pineapple Cricket

Move Over Pineapple

There's a new hated pizza topping in town - insects "The whole perception of creepy crawlies on food was a bit too much for people. We're waiting for it to grow in popularity and then we might...

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Live Longer Protein Bar Award

Winner of the Best Dessert/Sweet Treat category in the 2016 Healthy Food Guide magazine Awards

Who would of thought, crickets and best dessert/sweet treat! and yes our Live Longer Protein Bar Cacao & Sunflower won the Healthy Food Guides Best Dessert/Sweet Treat Award. The annual...

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Food & Sex

Sex + Food: Mezcal and Mole

Looking to add a little spice to her life host Felix Fang heads to Guelaguetza—a Oaxacan oasis in the middle of Los Angeles—to explore the amorous pairing of sweet, smoky mezcal and rich...

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Cricket milk-shake

This Fast-Food Cricket Milkshake Might Save the World

This thousand-calorie frozen sugar bomb launched by a national burger chain may be the missing link to make people comfortable with eating bugs. There was a three or four-day period where I was...

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Live Longer Petition against Health Star Rating System

Ditch the “Health Star Rating” system

Wouldn’t you think there’s something wrong with the Health Star Rating System if flavoured milk with over 9tsp of sugar in a single serve gets a 4.5 rating? Claire Deeks from Doms Kitchen...

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Wish we'd thought of that: the taste of innovation Live Longer

IDEALOG “Wish we’d thought of that: the taste of innovation”

http://idealog.co.nz/etc/2016/07/wish-wed-thought-taste-innovationOff to the cricketThere's a growing chorus suggesting we need to stop squashing insects and start eating them like they already do...

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