Winner of the Best Dessert/Sweet Treat category in the 2016 Healthy Food Guide magazine Awards

Live Longer December 20, 2016

Live Longer Protein Bar Award

Who would of thought, crickets and best dessert/sweet treat!

and yes our Live Longer Protein Bar Cacao & Sunflower won the Healthy Food Guides Best Dessert/Sweet Treat Award.

The annual Health Food Guide Awards honour the best of healthy food products available across 13 categories in 2016 and our Live Longer Protein Bar Cacao & Sunflower won ‘Best dessert/sweet treat.

Entries for the awards came from a wide range of food companies within the healthy food space. Each of the 13 awards were judged on a combination of factors:

• Nutrition profile Our nutritionists examine the nutrition information on each product to make sure they meet HFG nutritional guidelines. We also compare each product to other offerings within its category.

• Value for money We compare prices within each category to determine which products offer the best value for money. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is the cheapest product, rather, it is good value, taking all factors into account.

• Innovation The X-factor. We ask what is different, unique or creative about this product. What does it offer that others don’t?

• Taste Our four judges conduct taste tests of each product to make sure they not only taste good but offer a balanced flavour that has wide appeal. All the winning products taste great!